MNA Surgery Center

Physician Financial Interest and Ownership

The center is owned by physicians. The physician(s) who referred you to this center and who will be performing your procedures may have a financial and ownership interest. Patients have the right to be treated at another health care facility of their choice.  We are making this disclosure in accordance with federal regulations.

As of 12/1/2017 the following Physicians have ownership in MNA Surgery Center:

Gregory Warren, MD
Omer Afzal, MD
James Brandes, MD
Amir Daniel, MD
Vasundhara Ganne, MD
Fadi Hussein, MD
Bill Kraklow, MD
Lubna Majeed-Haqqi, MD
Todd Muche, MD
Mark Nunag, MD
Deepak Sharma, MD
Kathleen Uy, MD
Paul Warren, MD

Office Address of All Owners:

335 Mahn Court
Oak Creek, WI 53214
Phone (414) 762-2020
Fax (414) 762-2024