Kidney Disease

We provide care and guidance for patients with kidney diseases that include but are not limited to Chronic Kidney Disease from different causes, kidney stones, uncontrolled high blood pressure and blood or protein leakage in urine. Midwest Nephrology is among the oldest and biggest nephrology groups of Wisconsin. We understand that every patient is different and strive to provide the best possible care for the medical condition and individual.

As many of the kidney diseases are long term, if you understand the condition better it makes us a stronger team together. Some links that you may find very helpful are listed below. If you need more information about your condition, ask us during appointment.

Fresenius Healthcare Information is available for patients with CKD on topics such as staying healthy. There is also information for patients who will be starting dialysis including the various treatment options.

Kidney School This is a series of 16 different learning modules which you can view on line, print, or listen to as a audio book. Some of the topics include coping with CKD, understanding lab tests and diet information complete with meal plans and


Dialysis is a treatment that cleans your blood and does some of the jobs that kidneys used to do when they were healthy. You need dialysis when your kidneys are too weak to do their jobs, which can lead to other health problems and you feeling ill. People usually need dialysis when they are in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and the GFR (one of the blood tests for kidney function) is <15. Your kidney doctor will determine when it is time for you to start dialysis based off your lab work and how you are feeling. Our doctors respect your individual needs and you two will discuss the options and determine the best treatment plan for you.

If you understand dialysis better than you can be an active participant in your ongoing care. This link gives you some videos and more information about dialysis. Feel free to ask us more during your appointment.


Transplant can be life changing events in patients with kidney disease. We are dedicated at Midwest nephrology to provide exceptional and personalized service to our transplant patients. We have three transplant nephrologists with training and expertise in the field of kidney and pancreas transplantation .We are also involved in the care of multi organ transplant patients including heart-kidney and liver kidney transplants.

Please call 414-672-8282 to make an appointment to transplant clinic.

Dialysis Access

To clean the blood by dialysis we need an access to blood or peritoneum based on your dialysis type. A well functioning dialysis access is very important for dialysis and eventually the health of dialysis patient. Midwest Nephrology Vascular Access Center is a specialized center that focuses on care of dialysis access. This was the first out patient dialysis access center in Wisconsin. Supported by high patient satisfaction now we take care of patients from all over Milwaukee and surrounding towns. We provide a range of services including ultrasound, catheter placements, angioplasties and stents.

To learn more about dialysis access you may go to,